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Monash University (Victorian College of Pharmacy)

The Victorian College of Pharmacy is a centre of Australian teaching and research excellence. Our world class graduates make significant contributions to the healthcare and pharmaceutical needs of society. Our researchers have a history of best practice in drug development and health advancement that has earned international and commercial success. The Victorian College of Pharmacy has a reputation for innovation, particularly in the areas of formulation science and medicinal chemistry.
The college stands in Melbourne's "Parkville strip", a collection of prestigious biomedical research centres that includes the University of Melbourne, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, the Howard Florey Institute, CSL Limited, the Ludwig Institute. The college's location and fine record make it a major player in Australia's internationally renowned healthcare and biomedical community. for Cancer Research and CSIRO's Division of Health Sciences.
The Parkville campus is one of Monash's most attractive campuses and is surrounded by parkland. It is three kilometers north of Melbourne's city centre and is close to the Melbourne Zoo, the multicultural Sydney Road and Lygon Street shops are close by providing banks, supermarkets, medical centres and cafes. The campus has over 1000 students across its four departments and shares its facilities with the Pharmacy Board of Victoria and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (Victorian Branch), this highlights the college's strong links with peak pharmacy bodies.
The Victorian College of Pharmacy at Monash University is internationally renowned as a key research centre in the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmacy. The breadth of discipline areas on site at the Parkville campus include:
Drug Discovery and the attendant molecular biology, receptor pharmacology, medicinal chemistry and lead optimisation programs that underpin the discovery process;
Drug Development including drug delivery, drug formulation and physicochemical and biopharmaceutical (drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination) profiling of drug candidates;
Drug Evaluation reflecting both clinical and pre-clinical evaluation of drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics and optimisation of the practice of pharmacy including the quality use of medicines and improved Pharmacy education programs.

School name:Monash UniversityVictorian College of Pharmacy
Address:381 Royal Parade
Zip & city:VIC 3052 Victoria
Phone:+61 3 9903 9635

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