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University of Toronto (Faculty of Pharmacy)

Pharmacists have dynamic and rewarding careers in a professional environment that is constantly changing and evolving. Opportunities are enormous in this growing field where there is an increasing need for knowledge and skills related to the safe and effective use of medications. Pharmacy students learn that as pharmacists they will take responsibility for caring for patients' drug-related needs by identifying, preventing and solving drug-related problems. They will work with patients and other health care practitioners to provide 'pharmaceutical care', a practice model in which care, communication, competence and commitment are the hallmarks.

University of Toronto Pharmacy students pride themselves on being part of one of the closest-knit Faculties on campus. They learn from each other, share ideas and grow together as they prepare themselves for a future of opportunity. Pharmacy students engage in many exciting student-initiated events. The Undergraduate Pharmacy Society (UPS), run by student representatives, develops and coordinates social, athletic and professional activities. All Pharmacy students are also members of C.A.P.S.I., the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns, which is a national organization linking students from all nine Faculties of Pharmacy across Canada. Pharmacy students at U of T acquire a valuable education and enjoy a memorable quality of student life.

Pharmacy education in Ontario began more than 130 years ago. The Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Toronto came into being July 1, 1953, when the University assumed responsibility for the school that had been operated by the Ontario College of Pharmacy (now Pharmacists) since 1882, after informal academic experiments tracing back to 1868. A lineal descendant of the Canadian Pharmaceutical Society and its short-lived predecessor, the Toronto Chemists' and Druggists' Association, established in 1867, the Ontario College of Pharmacists remains the provincial regulatory body of pharmacy; it retains vestiges of its educational functions in the practical training of Ontario pharmacy graduates, and in its representation (a reciprocal arrangement) on the Faculty of Pharmacy Council.

As the demands upon the profession change, so does professional education. Thus, recognizing the growing need for graduates with additional clinical experience and preparation in therapeutics, the Faculty introduced a Doctor of Pharmacy, Pharm.D., degree in 1992. It is a two-year post-baccalaureate program with one full calendar year of didactic instruction and one full year of clinical instruction. The baccalaureate program itself changed in 1994, when entering students require a minimum of one year of university course work as a prerequisite for admission. The four professional years of the new B.Sc. program emphasizes understanding and application of the concept of "pharmaceutical care" throughout. The program culminates with a 16-week component of clinical professional practice under the direct supervision of the Faculty.

School name:University of TorontoFaculty of Pharmacy
Address:315 Bloor Street West
Zip & city:ON M5S 1A1 Ontario
Phone:(416) 978-3967

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