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University of South Australia (School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences)

UniSA's School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences offers a comprehensive suite of undergraduate programs designed to prepare students for rewarding careers in laboratory medicine, biotechnology, nutrition and food sciences, pharmacy, and pharmaceutical science.

All of the programs share an emphasis on biology and chemistry, and include many of the same core courses in the first year. The latter years provide specialist instruction and hands-on experience in their respective professional fields. Honours study is also available to high achieving students.

In recent decades the world has witnessed an explosion of technological advances that have opened new frontiers and changed the face of medical and pharmaceutical research. It is in this context that UniSA's School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences has established an international reputation for high quality research aimed at optimising human health.

Our staff and postgraduate students contribute to a vast array of scientific study that is helping find solutions to the big health challenges facing our planet.

From cancer treatment to health policy and education, nutrition to infectious disease, DNA and gene technology to complementary therapies, our researchers' interests are many and varied, but what all share is a spirit of cooperation and a desire to improve human health through innovative, outcomes-based research.

School name:University of South AustraliaSchool of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences
Address:Playford Building, Level 4-47, Frome Road
Zip & city:SA 5000 South Australia
Phone:+61 8 8302 2391

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