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University of Granada (Faculty of pharmacy)

The Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Granada was founded in 1850, shortly after similar faculties at the Complutense University of Madrid and the University of Barcelona . Its first full syllabus was approved in that same year by Queen Isabel II. It originally shared space with other faculties in the old multi-disciplinary university building in the city centre, which is now the Faculty of Law. At the moment the faculty has 205 teaching staff and 3,429 students reading the two degree courses and one diploma course offered within the general framework of pharmacy.
Apart from the usual lecture halls, laboratories and offices, the Faculty of Pharmacy has a conference room that can hold an audience of 500 and a smaller tiered salon for an audience of some 70 people. There is a specialised library and periodicals reading room and the publications office of the faculty's own journal, Ars pharmaceutica , which has been running since 1960. The faculty also has recourse to several scientific services, such as an electron microscope, nuclear magnetic resonance, a herbolarium, three computer rooms, a radiopharmaceutical unit, multidisciplinary laboratories, an exhibition hall, a pharmaceutical information centre and a photocopying service. Within the faculty there are several scientific societies and student associations: the Association of Past Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy (A 3 F 2 G), the Professor Vicente Callao Association, the IberoAmerican Pharmaceutical Association, the Latin-Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Society, the Granada Association for Students of Pharmacy (AGEF), the Granada Association for Food Science and Technology (CYTAGRA) and the Pharmacy Sports Union (UDF).
Finally, the Pharmacy Faculty houses two important museums: The Jesus Thomas Gómez Museum of Scientific Instruments and The Museum of History of Pharmacy.

School name:University of Granada Faculty of pharmacy
Address:Hospital Real, Cuesta del Hospicio, S/N
Zip & city:18071 Granada

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