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University of Dhaka (Faculty of Pharmacy)

Founded in 1964, the Department of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka is the first and foremost institution providing pharmacy education in Bangladesh. Approximately 90 percent of the Bangladeshi pharmacists working in the country and abroad are graduates of the University of Dhaka. With the demand and timeliness of this noble profession and realization of its enormous contribution to our society this department has been raised to a full-fledged faculty in 1995 due to the tireless efforts of its renowned faculty members, researchers and scholars. The relatively newly established faculty of this university has now an annual average of approximately 260 fulltime students in the four year Bachelor of Pharmacy program, 60 students in the Master of Pharmacy, Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy programs. We have a full-time faculty of 31, 2 part-time teachers and more than 20 administrative and supporting staffs. In addition, the faculty utilizes many affiliated hospitals, health care clinics and pharmaceutical industries in the country for its in-term clinical and experiential programs.
Recognized as the most innovative institution of pharmacy education in the nation, the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Dhaka has been serving as a model for other progressive pharmacy departments, particularly in private sectors, throughout the country. Located in the heart of one of the nation's largest and most dynamic metropolitan areas, the University of Dhaka serves not only Bangladesh but also students from abroad especially from Nepal, Palestine and so on. The University of Dhaka is also the largest public university in the country and is the top "Research" class university in the nation. Its Pharmacy Faculty has been an integral part of the country's health care programs for over 40 years. The faculty initiated three independent full-fledged departments in 2003 under the heading of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology which offer Master of Pharmacy and postgraduate degrees. Pharmacy is a dynamic and fast growing profession all over the world including Bangladesh. Pharmacists are becoming more involved in drug therapy decision-making. Our philosophy of pharmaceutical care reaches beyond didactic courses into hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, managed care facilities and pharmaceutical industry practice sites throughout the country. Our faculties are internationally renowned for being on the cutting-edge of health care research. They have achieved higher degrees and trainings from many developed countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Germany and Japan. Extensive resources are available to our students, researchers and faculty members. We also have collaborative research and staff exchange programs with USA, UK, Japan, Germany, France etc.
The Faculty of pharmacy of Dhaka University offers excellent and attractive professional opportunities. Since the time of establishment this faculty has generated a number of quality pharmacists who are serving in the country and abroad.
The major fields where pharmacy graduates generally contribute are:

  • Research and Development of drugs.
  • Formulation of drugs.
  • Commercial manufacture of drugs in pharmaceutical industries.
  • In product promotion of pharmaceutical marketing and management.
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Quality control certification of pharmaceutical products.
  • Hospital and retail pharmacies
  • In drug dispensing

School name:University of DhakaFaculty of Pharmacy
Address:Curzon Hall (Ground Floor) and Khondokar Mokarram Bhaban Complex.
Zip & city:DHA 1000 Dhaka zila
Phone:9661900-59 Ext 4835

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