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University of Asia Pacific (UAP) (Department of Pharmacy)

The Pharmacy degree course of the University of Asia Pacific has been designed for students to acquire sufficient understanding of the principles and techniques of the pharmaceutical science. It will provide students with a co-ordination understanding, comprehensive knowledge and expertise in all disciplines of pharmacy. The course will encompass chemistry. pharmacology. pharmrcokinetics, manufacturer and clinical aspect of medicine. The comprehensive pharmacy program of the UAP is designed to train students to become competent pharmacists. The discipline will cover the three traditional aspects or basic elements, which are:

  • Chemistry or Drugs (of all constituents of medicine and biological system)
  • Drug Design and development.
  • The actions and uses of drugs, medicines and other products.
  • Product design, development, manufacture and marketing (materials, methods and qualities standards).

Lectures along with practical classes, seminar, in-planet training, interactive small group teaching and tutorials will be part of the program. The development of pharmacy, the University of Asia Pacific will also offer the Master of Science in pharmaceutical Technology from Spring Semester 2001. This one year graduate course will encompass pharmaceutical Technology and other related aspects of pharmaceutics. Lecture, along with intensive research and seminars will be a significant part of this program.
The principal aim of The University of Asia Pacific is to provide high quality education at undergraduate and post graduate levels relevant to the needs of a dynamic society. The courses and curricula are so designed as to enable a student to enter into the world of work or pursue higher academic and professional goals with a sound academic foundation. The academic goals of the university is not just to make the students to pass the examination, but to equip them with the means to become productive members of the community and continue the practice of lifelong learning.
The campus consists of five rented premises - House No. 73, on Road No. 5/A, House No 53 on Road No. 4/A, House No. 52/1 on Road No. 3/A, House No. 84 on Road No. 7/A and House No. 51 on Road No. 4/A of Dhanmondi Residential Area, Dhaka. The buildings are just off the main Satmasjid Road and have lake site views. The campus offers idyllic environment for an academic institution. Plenty of open spaces are available around the campus for the students to move about for the rest and recreation.

School name:University of Asia Pacific (UAP)Department of Pharmacy
Address:Block#A, House# 73/C, Road# 5A, Dhanmondi R/A
Zip & city:DHA 1209 Dhaka zila

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