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The University of Sydney (Faculty of Pharmacy)

Pharmacy at the University of Sydney has an established tradition of research and scholarship in the pharmaceutical sciences. The University's involvement with the education of pharmacists began in 1899. Among the earlier teachers, Horace Finnemore, appointed lecturer in 1927, had a strong research background. Nevertheless, research in Pharmacy essentially commenced in 1949 with the arrival from the Burroughs Wellcome Laboratories of Roland H Thorp as Professor of Pharmacology and Director of Pharmaceutical Studies, followed by Sydney E Wright in 1950. From the outset, Wright had the vision to develop active research in the Pharmaceutical Sciences and the programs he initiated were carried on by his associates well into the eighties and nineties. Wright was appointed to the first Chair in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in 1960 upon the introduction of the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree course. This introduction marked the beginning of pharmacy degree programs in Australia.
Pharmacy has many collaborative research projects with other faculties of the University, with teaching hospitals, with research institutes, with the pharmaceutical industry, and with the profession. Research in Pharmacy covers a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical and clinical sciences ranging from the design, synthesis, testing and mechanism of action of drugs, through studies on methods of drug delivery and on the fate of drugs in humans and animals, to research on the clinical and sociological aspects of pharmacy. In July 1997, the Herbal Medicines Research and Education Centre (HMREC) was established as part of the Department of Pharmacy to undertake and promote high quality research and education on herbal and complimentary medicines.

School name:The University of SydneyFaculty of Pharmacy
Address:Mackie Building, Arundel Street
Zip & city:NSW 2006 New South Wales
Phone:+61 2 9351 2320

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