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The University of Lahore (Department of Pharmacy)

The modern era societies have great concern about the health of their people, so they are engaged with multi disciplinary team work of physicians, pharmacists, nurses and others to optimise better health care delivery for boosting up the health of their public. The explosion of new drug products in the market has compelled physicians, other health professionals and patients to rely more and more on the expertise of the pharmacists who are better trained to understand how these drugs exert their actions, travel through the body and interact with one another. Pharmacy is among the primal pyramids of health sector, taking a quantum leap towards research and development, similar to its other counter-parts. The profession of Pharmacy has evolved from its traditional role of compounding the drugs to the pharmaceutical care, the design and development of magic drugs and their formulations and the ongoing research in medical and pharmaceutical fields to counteract the needs of the modern society. The Department of Pharmacy at the University of Lahore has been established to provide education in basic health needs of the modern era, to achieve the goals of enriching ourselves in a fast flowing stream of knowledge via electronic or audio-visual aid and to prepare professionals of matching caliber. The rigor of our academic programme, the selection of modern courses, teaching faculty and access to state of the art facilities at our campus will add prestige and recognition to the degree, we will be awarding to our students.

The mission of Department of Pharmacy is to educate and train the people for present as well as for future concern so that they become useful and productive members of health care team, thus, serving the needs of the society in a best possible way. The Department of Pharmacy is committed to provide an environment of academic excellence and research, and social responsibilities that facilitate the propagation and acquisition of knowledge and skills related to the profession of pharmacy and the disciplines in pharmacy education.

School name:The University of LahoreDepartment of Pharmacy
Address:1-KM Raiwind Road
Zip & city:54600 Punjab
Phone:+92 (0)42 5411901

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