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Texas Tech University, Health Sciences Center (School of Pharmacy)

The Department of Pharmacy Practice at TTUHSC School of Pharmacy includes clinical pharmacy, pharmacy practice, pharmacotherapy, pharmacy practice management, health informatics, public health and pharmacy administration. Department faculty members have developed numerous pedagogic courses, hundreds of experimental educational rotations and scores of patient care services, all while pursuing a plethora of research interests. Department faculty also offer one of the nation's largest and most valued post-graduate residence programs, supplying the Health Sciences Center and other colleges with a new generation of clinician educators.
The Department of Pharmacy is organized into six divisions which link faculty with similar practice and research interests: Adult Medicine Division, Clinical Sciences and Research Division, Community Care Division, Pediatrics Division, Primary Care Division and the Pharmacy Practice Management Division. An extensive multi-campus experiential program uses intercampus teaching teams and a centrally coordinated post-Pharm.D. residence program that trains clinician/educators for future practice and academic careers is offered at each campus. Patient care services contracts and intra-institutional pharmacy operations programs support a vibrant Pharmacy Income Plan and provide contemporary "real world" teaching laboratories. Basic and applied research within the department focuses upon adult and pediatric pharmacology, geriatrics, infectious diseases and health care outcomes research, and faculty research teams are developing post-doctoral fellowship programs.

School name:Texas Tech University, Health Sciences CenterSchool of Pharmacy
Address:1300 Coulter Avenue
Zip & city:TX 79106 Texas

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