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University Utrecht (Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences)

The Pharmaceutical Sciences are concerned with the discovery, development, and use of medicines. The mission of scientists working in the field is to ensure that new medications are both better and safer than our present pharmacotherapeutic arsenal.
The Pharmaceutical Sciences are multidisciplinary in nature. They draw upon work in the fields of molecular biology and biotechnology, genomics, (bio)chemistry, analytical chemistry, and the (veterinary) medical sciences. So this generate new insights and a wealth of new technologies as they grow.
The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Utrecht University offers an up to date and stimulating teaching program for pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. Moreover, it carries out high quality, basic (applied) research in the field of the pharmaceutical sciences.
One of the department's main objectives is to provide students with a scientific and professional foundation on which they can build a pharmaceutical career. All research activity of the department resorts under the Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS). An institute that provides the setting for cross-fertilization and the exchange of ideas as well as an excellent research infrastructure and logistics can be a seedbed for synergy.

School name:University UtrechtDepartment of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Address:F.A.F.C.Wentgebouw, Sorbonnelaan 16
Zip & city:3585 Utrecht
Phone:+31 30 2537313

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