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Northeastern University (Bouve College of Health Sciences, School of Pharmacy)

1927 - Meriano School of Pharmacy was founded by Constantine M. Meriano. It was located on Huntington Ave, not far from Northeastern University.
1940 - The Meriano School was incorporated as The Boston School of Pharmacy (BSP), a nonprofit educational institution.

1946 - The School moved to the corner of Anderson and Pickney Streets. The site had been the original home of the Boston English High School, which was the oldest high school in the country established in 1824.

1949 - The Boston School of Pharmacy was renamed the New England College of Pharmacy (NECP). A few days later NECP moved into facilities at 70-72 Mount Vernon Street that had been purchased from Boston University School of Theology.

Pharmacy is not about handing out medications. Pharmacists work with physicians and other health-care professionals to create, implement, and monitor drug treatment plans. Their clinical drug therapy knowledge, excellent problem-solving skills, and effective communication abilities make the difference between using a drug and using the right drug. Pharmacists apply their knowledge of drug interactions and their potential side effects, and communicate these risks to colleagues and patients of all ages and backgrounds. With drug therapy an essential and increasingly complex part of modern health care, pharmacists are seen as the drug experts on a health-care team.
The six-year Doctor of Pharmacy program begins with course work in basic sciences (biology and chemistry) and targeted liberal arts (psychology). You will also take a co-op seminar that clarifies the logistics and expectations of the experiential learning component. Over the following four years, you will take courses that approach every area of professional work experience. These include hard sciences like biochemistry, pharmaceutics, and immunology; specialized areas like therapeutic drug monitoring and drug information; and courses that broaden your perspective, like jurisprudence and pharmacy management.

Experiential education is a critical component of the program. You will begin your co-ops in the summer after your sophomore year, and you will practice in various settings every year after. Your final three semesters will consist of an advanced practice experience where you will take on increasing responsibility in rotations in the many world-renowned health-care institutions in the Boston area.

School name:Northeastern UniversityBouve College of Health Sciences, School of Pharmacy
Address:360 Huntington Avenue 206 Mugar Hall
Zip & city:02115 Massachusetts

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Bouve College of Health Sciences, School of Pharmacy Pharmacy School Location

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