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Australian College of Pharmacy Practice and Management (ACPPM)

The Australian College of Pharmacy Practice and Management (ACPPM) was established July 1, 2004 with the consolidation of the Australian College of Pharmacy Practice (ACPP) and the Australian Institute of Pharmacy Management (AIPM). These organisations will constitute The new "College" combines the ideals and services of both former entities to members with the purpose to develop and promote excellence in the practice of clinical pharmacy and business management.
The College's vision is to To create a Learning Organisation that is the centre of excellence for education and research relating to the profession and industry of pharmacy. An organisation that is the leader in the field, promoting continuing education with a commitment to cutting edge clinical and retail practices and positive health outcomes for all Australians.
The College is involved in the development and delivery of education, training and research programs to contribute to the advancement of practice and management within the pharmacy and pharmaceutical industries.
Although most pharmacists are familiar with the College through the existence of the journal based self-assessment program that features in all leading pharmacy journals and media, most will not be aware of the opportunities it can provide to individual pharmacists in the exercise of their profession.
The College of today has come a long way since its early days of development. It continues to be the only higher education body delivering practical academic programs totally owned, operated and controlled by pharmacy. Because of this, it still embraces the ideals that have underpinned its operations since foundation. The concepts of and the need for continual self-development and re-education remain the driving force.

School name:Australian College of Pharmacy Practice and Management (ACPPM)
Address:PO Box 7007, Canberra Mail Centre
Zip & city:ACT 2610 Australian Capital Territory
Phone:+61 262 738 989

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