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Assiut University (Faculty of Pharmacy)

It was established in 1961It is the third faculty of pharmacy in Egypt.It is located in Assiut, about 375 Km south of Cairo.
The Faculty consists of three new buildings which are carefully designed with modern facilities for both the students and the faculty members About 7013 pharmacists have been graduated from the faculty since 1966.
There are two recent computer centers in the faculty ; one for the students and the second for the research work and general affairs.
Also, the faculty has a Central research laboratory, a medicinal plant museum, NMR and spectroscopic unit, garden of medicinal plants , cafeteria, gymnastic room and finally a centre for distribution of the students books.

School name:Assiut UniversityFaculty of Pharmacy
Address:Faculty of Pharmacy, Assiut University
Zip & city:71515 Asyūţ
Phone:(002-088) 332368 - 331711

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