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Alexandria University (Faculty of Pharmacy )

The Faculty of Pharmacy realizes its vision by endeavoring to provide the society in Egypt, Arab countries and other parts of the world with qualified pharmacy graduates capable of meeting the challenges of the rapidly evolving pharmacy profession in the 21st century and market demands. Such challenges involve commitment of the pharmacist to the provision of pharmaceutical patient care and drug information, in addition to the legally responsible provision of medication. This is in collaboration with other members of the health team both in the community pharmacy settings and the organized health institutions. It also involves a public health role with active participation of pharmacists in formulating the National Drug Policy, health promotion, health protection, disease prevention and control. Further, it involves establishing an interactive partnership with the pharmaceutical industry.
The Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Alexandria is one of the oldest and the foremost pharmacy institutions in Egypt and the Middle East. The Faculty of Pharmacy, first attached to the Faculty of Medicine, was established as an independent institution in 1956. The Faculty of Pharmacy in Alexandria attracts a large number of high school graduates (1400 students in the average) every year. A new building was established as an added modernized facility in 2003. And this year we celebrate the launching of the faculty website which includes everything about the faculty.
The study of pharmacy started in "Farouk the First University" in Alexandria, in "the school of pharmacy" that was attached to the faculty of medicine in the year 1947-1948, and it occupied some of the faculty of medicine buildings temporarily, till a new building was built for it in 1967 inside the Medical Campus in Azarita, Alexandria.
The studying in the school of pharmacy was only for 3 years preceded by a preparatory year, and the student had to spend an adequate period of training in any pharmacy.
The postgraduate degrees were in 3 specializations only: Food analysis diploma, Drug preparation diploma, Biological & chemical analysis diploma, and they had to be studied for 2 years.

School name:Alexandria University Faculty of Pharmacy
Address:22 Al-Guish Avenue
Zip & city: AI Iskandarīyah

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