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Al-FATEH University (Faculty of Pharmacy)

The Faculty of Pharmacy was established in 1975 in the old building in Al-FATEH University. It moved to its New building in 1986, as one of the Faculties of Al- FATEH University, It is located near the University Campus of Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Medical Technology and Near Tripoli Medical Center, The Faculty benefits from cooperate efforts between Faculties and centers located on the campus.
The Faculty of Pharmacy holds membership in the Arab Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, and participates every year in the Association Conferences.
The mission of Faculty of Pharmacy is to dedicated to achieving excellence in an environment of integrity, interdisciplinary cooperation, mutual respect, and collegiality consistent with the mission of the University and with the mission of the profession of pharmacy.
The mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy is to promote the health and welfare of the people of Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and society at large through education, research, scholarship, creative endeavor and service. To fulfil mission the Faculty: (i) prepares its students for entry into the practice of pharmacy as informed, caring, ethical, and en lightened citizens and professionals; (ii) prepares future pharmaceutical scholars and researchers through professional, graduate; (iii) advances the knowledge, expertise, and competence of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists through post-graduate education; (iv) discovers, analyzes and applies knowledge about pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical care through basic and applied research and advances and communicates that knowledge; and (v) extends existing and newly-acquired knowledge, knowledge-based services and other resources of the Faculty to meet; national and international needs.

School name:Al-FATEH UniversityFaculty of Pharmacy
Address:Al-FATEH University of Medical Sciences, faculty of pharmacy
Zip & city:13645 Ţarābulus
Phone:+218 21 4627798

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