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A chemist is a scientist who focuses in chemistry. Chemists study the composition of matter and its small-scale properties such as density and reaction rates instead of large-scale properties as size and form.

Chemists sceptically explain the properties they study in terms of capacities, with detail on the level of molecules and their component atoms. Chemists sceptically determine substance proportions, reaction rates, and other chemical properties.

Chemists apply this knowledge to discover the composition, and properties of unfamiliar substances, as well as to reproduce and make large amounts of useful naturally occurring substances and produce new artificial substances and positive processes.

Chemists may focus in any number of subdisciplines of chemistry. Materials scientists and metallurgists share much of the same education and abilities with chemists.

Chemical engineers are concerned with the physical processes essential to perform industrial reactions (heating, cooling, mixing, diffusion etc) and to divide and decontaminate the products, and work with industrial chemists on the development of new processes.