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Pharmacist job outlook

Pharmacist job outlook

Very excellent employment chances are expected for pharmacists over the 2009 period because the number of job openings generated by employment growth and the requirement to substitute pharmacists who abandon the occupation or retire are expected to surpass the number of degrees granted in pharmacy.

Enrollments in pharmacy programs are increasing as various students are attracted by elevated salaries and excellent job prospects. Despite this rise in enrollments, job openings should still be more abundant than those looking for a job.

Employment of pharmacists is expected to rise quicker than the average for all occupations during the year 2014, because of the rising demand for pharmaceuticals, principally from the increasing elderly population.

The increasing numbers of middle-aged and elderly people-who make use of more prescription drugs than younger people-will continue to stimulate demand for pharmacists in all employment settings.

Other aspects likely to amplify the demand for pharmacists consist of scientific advances that will create more drug products available, new developments in genome investigation and medication distribution systems, progressively more sophisticated consumers seeking more information about drugs, and coverage of prescription drugs by a greater number of health insurance plans and Medicare.

Community pharmacies are taking steps to control a rising volume of prescriptions. Automation of drug dispensing and greater employment of pharmacy technicians and pharmacy aides will assist these creations to distribute more prescriptions.

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