Pharmacy internship programs

Pharmacy internship programs

Internship Programs for Pharmacy Students

The Pharmacy Internship Program (PhIP) is a rigorous, nine week, paid internship that offers selected students who possess an importance in this career field an occasion to work and learn together with experienced pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, research pharmacists and other pharmacy specialists at one of the important academic medical centers in the country, achievement experience to the wide range of career paths this field has to offer.

The internship programs for pharmacy students offer the opportunity to work together with pharmacists and technicians and patients to offer services in all types of patient care settings including inpatient, outpatient and retail. Students will experience hands-on learning by working with diverse pharmacy workers and obtain individualized, structured mentorship about the pharmacology profession.

Program objectives include:

  • To provide selected students who have a concentration in the career field of pharmacology individually structured, full-time, pharmacology-associated learning experiences.
  • To increase high school students' knowledge of science and medicine as it relates to the professions related with the practice of pharmacology.
  • To expose students to diverse pharmacology career paths within the healthcare industry; to expand the student's interest and literacy in science; to foster students' inspiration and leadership skills.
  • To amplify the student's analytical research skill level.
The University of California, San Francisco, the top pharmacy university in USA requires 1500 hours for internship; 900 must be completed in licensed pharmacies and the other 600 hours in substantially related to the practice of pharmacy


Residency Programs for Pharmacy Students
 Residency Programs for Pharmacy Students
Post-graduate pharmacy residency training programs with prospects in diverse patient care activities and teaching, as well as investigate and project development.