Other pharmacy specialties

Other pharmacy specialties

Academic Pharmacy

These specialists work in colleges of pharmacy as professors, researchers and advisers for industry organizations.

Compounding Pharmacy

Compounding pharmacists create customized prescription medications to meet specific patient needs. They also make, combine, assemble, package and label drugs and devices.

Drug Information Pharmacy

These pharmacists assist hospitals reply queries about the most excellent use of drug therapies. They also write and compose articles for scientific journals and continuing-education resources.

Geriatric Pharmacy

Geriatric pharmacists have knowledge in the drugs used to treat illnesses and disorders affecting older patients.

Home-Care Pharmacy

Home-care pharmacists are identical to their hospital counterparts in that they create medications and educate patients on medication use and storage at home.

Hospice Pharmacy

This specialty works with medications that include controlled substances prescribed for fatally ill patients. Hospice pharmacists toil at hospice agencies or at pharmacies serving hospice patients.

Nutrition Support Pharmacy

Nutrition support pharmacists work with patients to offer specialized nutrition plans to realize optimal nutrition levels.

Oncology Pharmacy

Oncology pharmacists administer and supervise patients taking diverse drugs to treat cancer.

Pediatric Pharmacy

Pediatric pharmacists concentrate in the administration of drugs to kids.


Pharmacotherapists work to make sure safety and effectiveness in the administration of drugs to patients.


Pharmacists produce and dispense drugs prescribed by physicians and other health care practitioners. They also advise patients on the usage and effects of certain medications.

Pharmacy Aide

Pharmacy aides work with technicians and execute tasks such as maintaining records, completing insurance forms, maintaining inventory, cashiering, answering phones, and stocking shelves.

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians work with pharmacists to produce medicine and complete duties such as bottle labeling and tablet counting.

Psychiatric Pharmacy

Psychiatric pharmacists specialize in drug treatment to patients with psychiatric disorders.

Measure Body Fat

Other specialties are also calculating body fat. Learning how to measure body fat for men and women, tools to measure body fat, fat loss treatments, diseases caused by excessive body fat. As you know there are 4 types of categories when is calculated your body fat: Essential Fat, Athletes, Fitness, Acceptable and Obese.