Master of pharmacy

Master of pharmacy

Master of Pharmacy (abbreviated MPharm) is a postgraduate coursework in the pharmacy's field. In various countries, it has substituted a Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) as the requirement for registration to apply as a pharmacist. It may also refer to a research degree in the pharmacy's field.

The MPharm is a 4 year full-time complete undergraduate degree, consequently the title of Masters. It joins the study of science with professional practice. It is considered a complicated and demanding degree, but the expert and financial rewards at the end are worth it.

Most students come into the MPharm programme straight from levels, though it is probable to come into after doing a first degree in a related subject, such as Pharmacology or Biochemistry. It is not probable, however, to gain exemptions from the first year of the MPharm if you have completed another degree.

After graduating with an MPharm degree, you must start a 12-month pre-registration training placement in an accepted hospital or retail pharmacy and then sit the examination of the Pharmaceutical Society, for example, in order to register as a pharmacist in Britain.

British registration is accepted in other member states of the EU and in certain Commonwealth and foreign countries.