Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy

The Bachelor of Pharmacy degree is designed to give graduates with the core talents and knowledge required for efficient delivery of pharmaceutical care and the capacity to continue to research.

The degree includes the study of the chemical, physical, pharmaceutical, and pharmacological properties of medicinal substances and the application of these in the pharmacy profession. Graduates possess the capacity to serve the community and develop the excellence of use of medicines.

They also have the occasion, as professional pharmacists, to improve the quality of life of the persons they meet in the course of their work.

The Bachelor of Pharmacy degree obliges four years of full time study for both the pass degree and the Honours degree. There are two semesters per year and no mid-year admission. The first year is a basis year in which students learn biology, chemistry, and basic pharmaceutical sciences and are initiated to pharmacy.

The remaining three years are dedicated to higher levels of biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences, mutually with specialised clinical pharmacy studies. During the later years, considerable time is exhausted in clinical placements in community and hospital pharmacies, where valuable practical experience is acquired.

Another interesting career is The Food Pharmacy wich follows a comprehensive approach that include proper plant based nutrition, burning calories regularly, stress reduction and adequate rest.

On conclusion of this degree, and following a required pre-registration training period that is obligatory for all applicants as well as the Pharmacy Graduate Training Course (PGTC), graduates will be qualified for registration with the Pharmacy Board in your state. Once registered, graduates will be able to practice as a pharmacist.